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Kohate (PC) kostenlos bei itch.io
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Kohate (PC) kostenlos bei itch.io

531° Abgelaufen
Kohate (PC) kostenlos bei itch.io
eingestellt am 17. Feb 2021

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Forced to take part in their strange experiment, you are the next subject to enter the Kohate complex. Explore the complex to find the objects you need to unlock new areas and progress, complete the requirements of your test, and avoid the abomination that has been let loose within the halls at all costs!

Kohate revisits the world of the first solo project from Brian Clarke: The Subject. Bringing a new experience to the mysterious facility with a new location, new test, and expansion upon the lore of The Subject universe.

  • Stealth horror
  • Multiple endings
  • secrets to discover
  • Casual mode (no monster)
  • Designed to be played in one sitting

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