Kostenlos/Gratis MP3-Album: SXSW 2015 Day Parties Mixtape @ noisetrade.com

Kostenlos/Gratis MP3-Album: SXSW 2015 Day Parties Mixtape @ noisetrade.com

eingestellt am 27. Mär 2015
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Musik Stil: Alternative: Rock

Mixtape mit folgenden Tracks:

1 Royal Teeth- Wild
2 Hey Marseilles- Heart Beats
3 Humming House- Carry On
4 Gill Landry- Just Like You
5 Max Jury- Lost Cause (Beck Cover)
6 Paper Aeroplanes- Red Rover
7 Anthony D'Amato- Back Back Back
8 Yellerkin- Tools
9 Bird Peterson- Sugarface (ft. Astronautilis)
10 Propaganda- Three Cord Bond
11 Doomtree- Gray Duck
12 Boxed In- Foot of the Hill
13 Talk In Tongues- While Everyone Was Waiting
14 Jukebox the Ghost- Postcard
15 Blank Range- Last Crash Landing
16 Surfer Blood- Dorian
17 The Wans- Black Pony
18 The Stone Foxes- I Want To Be You
19 Andrew Combs- Foolin
20 The Family Crest- Beneath The Brine
21 Mother Falcon- Blue and Gold
22 Charlie Belle- Shake You Off
23 Chadwick Stokes- Our Lives Our Time
24 Sam Pinkerton- Part III
25 The Lighthouse and The Whaler- Venice
26 Jesse Harris with Star Rover- No Wrong No Right
27 Ryan Culwell- Never Gonna Cry
28 Five Eight- Karaoke
29 Shaprece- Molting
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Oha, 3x diesen Monat SXSW



Oha, 3x diesen Monat SXSW

Sind aber verschiedene Angebote.

[Sind aber verschiedene Angebote.

ja, aber eben immer SXSW
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