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Towaga IOS
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Towaga IOS

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Towaga IOS
eingestellt am 11. Mär 2021

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1.1 is out! iPad & iPhone X support, Localization in 8 languages, 7 new outfits to unlock, graphical enhancement... the world of Towaga awaits you!

Towaga is a fast-paced action video game where you play as Chimù, a light-wielder protecting the temple of Towaga. Your focus, accuracy, and patience will be put to the ultimate test as you cleanse the world from its curse.

Only light must prevail, will you stand up to the challenge?

▽ Features:
- Hand-made 2D graphics
- Short sessions (ideal for quick plays)
- A challenging difficulty
- 5 different worlds to discover
- Fully translated in 8 languages
- A dynamic and adaptive soundtrack
- Challenges and outfits to unlock

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