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Kurse: Learn PHP, Laravel & Sass (95 hrs), Master JavaScript (45 hrs) - Udemy

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Learn PHP,Laravel,PDO,Security and create layouts using CSS GRID, Bootstrap, Flexbox,topped up with JavaScript and Ajax

Master JavaScript 2020!Projects, challenges, JavaScript ES6, ES7, ES8 ,ES9, ES10, ES11, OOP, AJAX, Webpack,Laravel

Learn PHP, Laravel & Sass

  • Ultimate PHP, Laravel, CSS & Sass! Learn PHP, Laravel & Sass and JavaScript
  • You will learn how to create fast and modern layouts using Flexbox
  • You will have 3 crash courses for PHP, CSS-GRID and Flexbox
  • New modern 2019/2020 css techniques for building stunning websites
  • Cutting edge responsive design using media queries manager, mobile-first vs desktop-first
  • Difference between em vs rem units
  • SVG Images, Clip path, Font-awesome icons
  • Learn How to use Sass in real-world projects
  • BEM Methodology
  • 7-1 Architecture
  • You will Learn about CSS-GRID and how to create complex layouts fast
  • Advanced CSS animations using @keyframes, animatiosn and transitions
  • Use NPM to set up a development process to compile Sass fast and without page refresh
  • You will learn how to write reusable and maintainable that can be easily scale
  • Create Complete (CMS) Content Management System similar like Wordpress
  • You will master PHP PDO
  • You will Use OOP to create classes
  • Create Clean URL by removing .php extension at the end of the files
  • Learn how to refractor and clean your code
  • Learn about PHP security with PDO
  • Create From Filters and Pagination
  • Use Bootstrap to create your Admin site
  • You will learn how to use composer (PHP package manager)
  • Send emails using PHPMailer
  • Create complete CRUD (create, read, update and delete) application
  • Making different forms and loading based on condition
  • You will learn how to create new Databases, create tables inside and use them
  • Forgot Password functionality with password hashing and tokens
  • You will use Google Maps JavaScript API
  • Create Markers and use Geocoding
  • Show 4 different types of post based on condition
  • Use Payment methods : PHP Stripe API, and PHP SDK for PayPal RESTful APIs.
  • Variables, Constants & Super Globals
  • Use Prepared statements that will prevent SQL attack
  • Use JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Learn about regular expression and how to validate login input and register users
  • Geo-coding will be used to convert the address that is in our DB
  • Create Tree like Commenting system, with Ajax
  • Save and Load data without page refresh using Ajax
  • Last seen and Time ago function same as in FB messenger or Viber or WhatsApp

Master JavaScript

JavaScript is the leading #1 programming language and the question is do you want to master it?

If you are tired of wasting your time and money on watching random YouTube videos or taking JavaScript courses that are not complete, simple, or complex?

  • Are you struggling to deeply understand ow JavaScript really works behind the scenes and how to apply your knowledge to real projects?
  • If the answer to my previous questions is YES... Then this is the course that will change all of that. This is what you have been looking for so long!
What this course will cover?

  • This is not just a JavaScript course, this course will offer you much more, modern CSS, HTML, and JavaScript practices. All of the current versions of JavaScript are included.
  • I will take you from being a complete JavaScript beginner to be a professional advanced developer. This course will help you learn how JavaScript works and how to code, solve problems, and debug. Along the course, you will learn how to structure and organize code using common JavaScript patterns, module patterns, and modern Architecture.
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