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League of Legends Ultimate Guide (PC) kostenlos (Xbox Store)
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League of Legends Ultimate Guide (PC) kostenlos (Xbox Store)

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League of Legends Ultimate Guide (PC) kostenlos (Xbox Store)
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Now updated for the new 2021 Season!

The best and most fully featured League of Legends app, created by a Masters player who is ranked as the Best Ezreal in North America!


  • Contains all the latest data of the current patch! Other League of Legends apps are extremely outdated.
  • View all the counter picks, easy matchups, and synergy picks for every champion.
  • Check LIVE win rate stats for the current patch and compare it to what the users think
  • Read comments by other users to learn how play and counter any champion
  • Also read specific comments to each individual matchup along with general tips submitted by users
  • Utilize this information in ranked to know how to play your champion, organize team comps surrounding it, as well as counter your opposing lane.
  • Relevancy of champion/comments data organized by a user score system and my own input as a Masters player
  • Toast Notifications when new champion data has arrived

Look & Feel:
  • Smooth, polished interaction built for both touch and mouse & keyboard
  • Quick champion navigation system utilizing an alphabetical jump list just like how your phone organizes your apps
  • Champions also organized by their role, along with a visual and dynamic search bar to filter by name
  • Multiple methods of navigation in one page with minimal complexity, and maximum time efficiency
  • Each champion has a colorful and easy to navigate UI, to seamlessly view counter picks, easy matchups, synergy picks as well as user comments
  • Relative sizing of all controls for all resolutions via state triggers that detect your platform and optimizes this app's display appropriately
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