Lern Kostenlos Spanisch mit Brainscape statt 8,99€ [iOS]

Lern Kostenlos Spanisch mit Brainscape statt 8,99€ [iOS]

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eingestellt am 11. Mai 2013

Brainscape’s learning scientists from Columbia and Yale Universities have spent the past TWO YEARS developing a complete, scientifically optimized Spanish curriculum tailored specifically for the mobile environment. In the process, we have created the first web and iPhone app based around Intelligent Cumulative Exposure. Check out our 40-page white paper on our website, explaining the cognitive science behind why this works.

With Brainscape's Learn Spanish, you get:

· A carefully tailored curriculum that builds on previous concepts and guides you from beginner to conversational at your own pace
· The equivalent of TWO YEARS' WORTH of high school Spanish classes
· Over 6,000 AUDIO flashcards for the most common Spanish words, phrases, and sentence constructions, including a BONUS section on Business Spanish
· Simple explanations for key grammatical concepts and the most common verb conjugations
· Convenient “browse” and “search” functions that allow you to easily find cards you want
· Ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress
· A network of thousands of other learners who support each other’s learning every day

We look forward to working with you over the months and years to come. You’ll be glad you joined the Brainscape community.
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So ziemlich jede Brainscape app ist Kostenfrei.
Bis auf "AP U.S History Exam Prep", "AP US Government..." und einige die erst mit InApp-kauf komplett frei sind.

In app Käufe :-/

zu spät.

Abi-Spanisch schon durchgefallen.

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