Lime Scooter 30-Day Unlimited Pass

Lime Scooter 30-Day Unlimited Pass

39€Lime Angebote
Lime Scooter 30-Day Unlimited Pass
Läuft bis 30.11.2020eingestellt am 2. Nov 2020

gerade als Mail erhalten : "Unlimited rides with 30-Day Unlimited Pass

We want to make it eaven easier to practice social distancing on your essential travels this month and are offering an unlimited rides package for just 39 €. Yes, that's right! As many rides as you want for 30 days*.

New COVID-19 restrictions are becoming effective today. Fresh air, single passenger mobility that Lime offers is great to avoid crowds and minimize the risk of contagion. Our limited time offer makes Lime more accesible to you.

*Unlimited rides package includes unlimited trips of up to 45 Minutes for 30 days."

Zum Vergleichspreis : Jeden Tag eine Fahrt von 45min (0,20€ p.M.) + 1€ Entsperrgebühr =10 *30 = 300€
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