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eingestellt am 14. Sep 2014
Ähnlich dem InsaniTee Sale bei Qwertee (siehe ältere Deals von mir) startet jetzt auch einen sogenannten "Mysteerious Sale". Dabei gilt das selbe Prinzip: Ihr kommt ein zufälliges Shirt aus den Designs der letzten Wochen (immerhin kann man die Option wählen, dass es bitte kein Doctor Who Shirt sei soll!!).

Preis ist €6.28 + €4.39 Versand = €10.67

"About this Sale

Mysteerious is a chance for you to get one of our many previous t-shirts at an amazing price. The difference is, you will not know what design it is until it arrives!

Simply select your size, and we will randomly select a tee to send out to you. This is great for gifts and for securing some early christmas presents.

Please note:This sale is NOT covered by our returns policy. No returns accepted. All sales are final. Your order will ship out within 1-2 working days. No limit on how many t-shirts you can buy. Will be shipped in multiple non-insured packages. Standard shipping times apply."
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