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Lord of the Lost Judas Vinyl
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Lord of the Lost Judas Vinyl

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Lord of the Lost Judas Vinyl
eingestellt am 27. Aug 2021

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1. Priest
2. For They Know Not What They Do
3. Your Star Has Led You Astray

1. Born With A Broken Heart
2. The 13th
3. In The Field Of Blood

1. 2000 Years A Pyre
2. Death Is Just A Kiss Away
3. The Heart Is A Traitor

1. Euphoria
2. Be Still And Know
3. The Death Of All Colours

1. The Gospel Of Judas
2. Viva Vendetta
3. Argent

1. The Heartbeat Of The Devil
2. And It Was Night
3. My Constellation

1. The Ashes Of Flowers
2. Iskarioth
3. A War Within

1. A World Where We Belong
2. Apokatastasis
3. Work Of Salvation
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