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Lumo (Nintendo Switch) 1.99€ @ Nintendo eShop
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Lumo (Nintendo Switch) 1.99€ @ Nintendo eShop

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Lumo (Nintendo Switch) 1.99€ @ Nintendo eShop
eingestellt am 5. Nov 2020

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Witness the rebirth of a genre. "Lumo" is a classic, isometric adventure game in a modern style that will delight young and old players alike!

But “Lumo” is more than a contemporary version of the long-lost genre of isometric platformer. It will please anyone looking for an engaging and challenging game. For everyone who experienced the golden age of video games, the 80s and early 90s, or are familiar with the games and the culture of the time, “Lumo” is full of references, allusions and reviews that make the game both heartwarming and exciting!

With more than 400 rooms in four distinctive zones, six hidden mini-games and lots of secrets, “Lumo” is a real journey of discovery. How much you find is entirely up to you and the persistence with which you search ...
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