[Mac App Store] Softmatic QRPlus - QR-Codes am Mac erstellen

[Mac App Store] Softmatic QRPlus - QR-Codes am Mac erstellen

eingestellt am 8. Mai 2013
Normaler Preis im MAc App Store war 4,49€. Aktuell kostet das Programm nichts. Hier die Beschreibung aus dem MAS:

Make your own QR codes with Softmatic QRPlus. Encode VCards, URLs, calendar events or plain data. Save to file or simply copy the code to the clipboard.

Softmatic QRPlus lets you specify foreground and background colors and supports linear and radial gradients for foreground and background. Choose from five different dot styles, enhance your codes with drop shadows or embed your company logo. Use square or rounded dots. The possibilites are endless.

Choose from four ECC levels for maximum reliability. All settings, styles and the encoded data are maintained between sessions. Styles can also be saved for later use, so it's easy to have different styles for private or business purposes.

Softmatic QRPlus is fully unicode-compatible and supports foreign language alphabets, accented and diacritical characters, and umlauts.

Softmatic QRPlus is stand-alone software that does not require an online connection or external components. All codes are updated in realtime - no waiting, no beachball!

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7.3 "Lion" or higher.
Language: English

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Gibt es doch hier unsonst:http://www.qrcode-generator.de/


Dann zeig mir doch mal wo die Webseite farbig kann?
Eigenes Logo in die Mitte?
Runde Kanten?

Na ja, wenn man das braucht...


Dann zeig mir doch mal wo die Webseite farbig kann?Eigenes Logo in die Mitte?Runde Kanten?

Hier qrcode-monkey.de/ und visualead.com/deu/

Bei beiden muss ich ein Konto erstellen um ein vernünftiges logo mit qr code zu erstellen.

Nimmt sich also nichts.

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Ohne Konto.
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