macOS - MathStudio - Symbolic graphing calculator 0,00€ statt 20,00€

macOS - MathStudio - Symbolic graphing calculator 0,00€ statt 20,00€

eingestellt am 6. Nov 2017Bearbeitet von:"Nanja85"
Wissenschaftlicher Taschenrechner mit grafischer Ausgabe; bietet 2D- und 3D-Darstellung, Zoom, Bewegen, Rotation und Skriptprogrammierung; auch als iOS-App bei iTunes (21,99 €) erhältlich

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MathStudio brings unprecedented computational power to your Mac. From building simple algorithms to creating interactive plots and animations, MathStudio bridges the gap between technology and your imagination.

Try the free web version on your computer or mobile device!

"It is a programming tour-de-force, and really does provide a substantial subset of the functionality of desktop powerhouses like Mathematica and Maple."
▸ Simply the best calc app by ilachina

Develop your ideas to their fullest extent with MathStudio's expressive scripting language that features new syntax to do amazing things with just a few lines of code. Research and development in the scientific, engineering, mathematical and computing fields almost always involves the need for a scripting language to take your results one step further. Sync your documents with iCloud and have access from any device including your iPhone and iPad.

"Perfect app for quick, powerful computation and visualization. I keep using it instead of Mathematica on my home computer because it's just so convenient. I can't believe how well it renders the evolution of such complex systems. I am blown away."
▸ Mini Mathematica by Professor Dave

MathStudio goes beyond a traditional graphing calculator by combining the power of the fastest proprietary computer algebra system available on iOS that can create cartesian, parametric, polar, implicit, vector fields, cylindrical, spherical, regression and image plots. Plot time graphs using the T variable to create animated plots that graph in space and time!

"This app is way more than a graphing calculator. Capabilities like solving differential equations, preforming matrix factorizations and many more place it in a league of its own for hand held computation. The interface is simple and the extensive catalog makes it easy to quickly learn how to execute any operation. As an undergraduate math and physics student, this app has completely replaced my TI and drastically reduced the time I spend on MATLAB and Mathematica. I would recommend MathStudio to anyone!"
▸ Amazing Capabilities by Mac-Lover

From basic calculations to college calculus, MathStudio is a full featured scientific calculator and is an indispensable tool for students, teachers and engineers. It provides features that go beyond what you will find in traditional TI calculators with a modern and intuitive interface with hundreds of mathematical functions that cover Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, Statistics and Data Analysis.

"This app has changed the way that I do math every day and I highly recommend it to anyone who does math on a daily basis."
▸ Amazing by rationalresponse

Are you a user from Mathematica or MATLAB? MathStudio offers much of the same functionality! For more help getting starting using MathStudio visit our discussion forums.

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bei mir nicht kostenlos
Schon abgelaufen?
Scotty19096. Nov 2017

bei mir nicht kostenlos

Bist du auch im macOS Store ?
Bei mir ging es.
Nagium6. Nov 2017

[Bild] Bist du auch im macOS Store ?

Danke über den Mac ging es;)

Kriege ich das nicht auf das Handy?
Scotty19096. Nov 2017

Danke über den Mac ging es;)Kriege ich das nicht auf das Handy?

Siehe Beschreibung.
"....auch als iOS-App bei iTunes (21,99 €) erhältlich..."
Scotty19096. Nov 2017

Danke über den Mac ging es;)Kriege ich das nicht auf das Handy?

Nur wenn auch auf Deinem Handy MacOS laufen sollte
Bearbeitet von: "dealfriek" 6. Nov 2017
20€ für ne olle Taschenrechner App. Was für ein Schwachsinn.
Bei mir werden 5,99 angezeigt. Jemand eine Idee?
Warten bis es wieder gratis angeboten wird.

Es ist wieder kostenpflichtig.
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