MAI Crafted [iOS]
MAI Crafted [iOS]
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MAI Crafted [iOS]


Imagine, create & build amazing worlds in this years most epic & advanced, mobile sandbox environment block game. With dozens of building blocks at your disposal, let your creations take formation & your imagination run wild.

Introducing new elements for enhanced gameplay; interactive characters & animals to special construction blocks.

• Free Play mode - Random or Flat world.
• Mission mode quests - Complete 30 Missions. From creating castles to finding Bigfoot in the snowy woods.
• Zombie survival modes - Experience 3 difficulty levels all with different tasks.

• Explore constructions ranging from castles, villages, caves, aircrafts, forts, harbors..
• Share creations with other players
• Interact with animals
• Defend yourself against zombie attacks
• Embark on Mission mode quests
• Fun & Challenging Missions
• Build Amazing Worlds
• Regular updates with new features

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Verfasser Deal-Jäger

[Fehlendes Bild]

Minecraft kann man auch kostenlos spielen, solange man auf den Onlinespaß verzichtet (PC + Mac...).

Auf m Handy oder sowas, finde ich es aber wirklich bescheiden, kann mir nicht vorstellen, das man da gescheit spielen/steuern kann .....

kostenlos kann man es aber mal probieren...

Muss aber jeder selber wissen. enthalte mich bei der Wertung

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