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MCM Comic Con Bundle kostenlos (Fanatical)
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MCM Comic Con Bundle kostenlos (Fanatical)

eingestellt am 29. Mai
Moinsen, Fanatical verschenkt derzeit das MCM Comic Con Bundle. Das Bundle enthält 4 Comics und sie sind auf Englisch. Ihr erhaltet ihr eine EPUB und PDF Datei. Normalerweise kostet es 8,64€.

Sea of Thieves
"A gripping, uproarious and treacherous pirate adventure!" Two crews sail the sea of thieves in a race to track down ancient treasures.Along the way they'll deal with undead hordes, devious traps and their own bitter rivalries, but who will ultimately claim the legendary loot?Based on the hit open-world adventure & multiplayer game from Rare, which launched on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC in March 2018.

Prophecy 1
In 2012, the Mayan doomsday prophecy is coming to pass, and the end of the world makes for strange allies. Vampirella, Red Sonja, Kulan Gath, Dracula, Eva, Herbert West The Reanimator, Alan Quatermain, Athena, Dorian Gray, Purgatory, Pantha and many more choose sides and clash in battles that will decide the fate of the Earth and all of mankind. Will the forces of good be able to stop the end of days? Or will an army of darkness rise?


The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #4
The final in a series of four stand-alone stories! An old friend turns up, presenting Tank Girl with a problem that can only be solved by taking a dive, deep into the rabbit-hole of her own subconscious! Prepare to freak out, man!

Kirby Genesis Captain Victory # 1
The enigmatic soldier known as Captain Victory leads an elite group of intergalactic rangers through the mysterious and deadly cosmos, fighting against forces set on the destruction of life, itself! But who is this man, and what does he want? This special introductory issue written by Sterling Gates and drawn by Wagner Reis starts with a bang, as the deadliest battle Captain Victory and his men have ever fought begins!

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