Mental Hospital:Eastern Bloc 2 (iOS) Kostenlos

Mental Hospital:Eastern Bloc 2 (iOS) Kostenlos

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eingestellt am 5. Jun 2014
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The Eastern Block II story starts with the death of the main character’s friend who dies under mysterious circumstances. He had taken his camera and gone to a secluded mental hospital looking for sensation. The police investigated the case reluctantly without even trying to find David’s camera. And the camera could certainly give hints as to what had happened in the sinister hospital. And now you have decided to do what you can to find this fateful camera so that David’s death did not go unpunished. An incredibly powerful and creepy atmosphere will hold you in suspense so that you will not have a moment’s rest. Only nerves of steel and swift reflexes will help you to get out of the hospital.
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Erst vor kurzer Zeit auf Youtube gesehen. Danke!

IOS ^^
Scheint aber eher wie ein HorrorSpiel für Anfänger, mit kleinen süßen Hunden..


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