Leider ist dieser Deal mittlerweile abgelaufen

Mind Maps Pro & Penbook (PC) kostenlos (Microsoft Store)

eingestellt am 27. Feb 2022

Dieser Deal ist leider abgelaufen. Hier sind ein paar andere Optionen für Dich:

Im Microsoft Store bekommt ihr derzeit die Programme Penbook und Mind Maps Pro kostenlos. Die Programme schon 1/2 mal kostenlos. Schaut also in den alten Deals, wenn ihr wissen wollt, ob sie was taugen. Der aktuelle VGP liegt bei 19,99€ (Normalpreis). Danke @DaHoeck für das Dealbild.

Beschreibung - Penbook:
Take notes, plan your day (or year), draw a sketch, or do your math homework. Penbook includes dozens of kinds of stationery, from graph paper to sheet music. You can even import your own photos or PDFs to write on.

Keep your work organized with beautiful, customizable notebook covers. Create in portrait or landscape mode, and share and export your work with just a few taps.

Penbook was built for pens (but you can use your finger or a mouse, if you want), and includes support for Surface Dial.


Beschreibung - Mind Maps Pro:
Organize your idea with pictures, shapes, colors, flags, and more. Use the auto-layout feature and make the perfect mind map, org chart, or family tree.

Annotate and highlight your mind map with your pen, then export it to PDF or PNG for easy sharing. Or, sync your work to OneDrive for access on all your devices

Mind Maps Pro is the most intuitive mind map app, made exclusively for the Microsoft Store.

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