[Mobile Games] Monkejs Ice Quest ($1.59 -> free)

[Mobile Games] Monkejs Ice Quest ($1.59 -> free)

eingestellt am 6. Dez 2017
Strawberries, oranges, plums and much more... all frozen! But not like sweet and soft ice cream, they are trapped in fragile ice blocks. It's the big mistery, how it happened, and more important, how to get them back! You and your mind is the key. Face the challenge, solve this puzzle and rescue Monkejs from standing in the cold without their lovely fruits!

– Collect fruits and wisely choose which blocks you remove
– Perfectly combine the powers to get the best score
– Learn how different kinds of blocks behave and use that knowledge
– Be careful, if too many blocks fall, You lose
– And be much more careful with the fruits – don't break any of them!
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Thänks,... i make mal luki luki whatt that is
hopp3l6. Dez 2017

Thänks,... i make mal luki luki whatt that is

Das ist ja ein komisches Spiel.
Eher was fürs Gästeklo.
Bearbeitet von: "jodo70" 6. Dez 2017
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