[MP3/FLAC] Celtic Music Bundle 9 @ Groupees

[MP3/FLAC] Celtic Music Bundle 9 @ Groupees

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Bei Groupees gibt's wieder einmal 7 Celtic-Musik-Alben als Bundle!

The Celtic Room by Ian Fontova

Live by Runa
3 Songs by Pipes and Pints
Foreign Skies by The Dreadnoughts

Eyes of the Forest by Derek & Brandon Fiechter
Throne of the North by Antti Martikainen

Live in Galway by We Banjo 3
Bonus: Foreign Skies - B Sides by The Dreadnoughts

Ab 4,48€ könnt Ihr noch das Celtic Music Bundle 1 abgreifen.

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Ich kann das Celtic Music Bundle 1 sehr empfehlen, insbesondere wegen der zwei Alben von LEAH.

From the coast of British Columbia, Canada, auburn-haired symphonic metal artist LEAH is drawing attention from all over the globe. From Celtic and world music influences such as Clannad and Enya to European symphonic and progressive metal influences, LEAH creates something magical and refreshing. Her debut self-released album “Of Earth & Angels” received international critical acclaim, including landing on “The Best Symphonic Metal Album” Metalstorm Awards for 2012.

LEAH - Of Earth & Angels

Combining ethereal Celtic vocals, enchanting melodies and symphonic metal influences, LEAH recorded and produced her debut album Of Earth & Angels under her own independent label, Ex Cathedra Records in 2012. In the months to come, Of Earth & Angels earned multiple awards, coveted placement on many “Best Of the Year” lists, critical acclaim by reviewers, airplay by radio stations, and a massive international following of devoted fans. Since then, LEAH released a number of singles and a Celtic-metal EP, with a new full-length album due this Fall of 2014.

LEAH - Otherworld
Described as “the Enya of heavy metal” and a Celtic vocal goddess, Leah’s brand new EP will certainly make waves with fans of acts like Nightwish or Leave’s Eyes. The beautiful siren has a voice that is unmistakably brilliant, showing off right from the start on piano-laden ballad “Shores Of Your Lies.” But for those of you who might be under the assumption that this is just going to be a light-hearted affair with no sign of guitars, drums or other metal elements, you are quite wrong. “The Northern Edge” sounds exactly like what would happen if you threw Enya right into the middle of a sprawling metal band, blast beats included. I don’t know about you, but I’m already impressed with this one. “Surrounded” is a bit lighter, but still showcases Leah’s vibrant vocal chords and some slick guitar playing to boot. I think that other female vocal artists are going to have a healthy amount of competition in this woman, who once again proves her prowess with “Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep.” But finally, there’s the album closer “Dreamland,” which features none other than Eric Peterson (Testament, Dragonlord) on vocals. With his black metal approach (and a so/so clean vocal that doesn’t work for the piece) providing a great balance of dark and light, along with thundering guitar riffs – this track definitely sets the stage for a welcomed heavier side of Leah. Maybe not everyone will understand it, but even if you don’t, you can’t deny that the other four tracks on this EP are quite magnificent. Out of the many female vocal pipes that I’ve heard in the metal and rock genres, Leah is a force to be reckoned with. Metal has never been more majestic. (Eric May, New Noise Magazine).
Bearbeitet von: "oepfi" 29. Jun 2018
Einmal hätte auch gereicht!
kalle006vor 5 m

Einmal hätte auch gereicht!

Dies lag am System, nicht an mir oO Beim 1. Deal-Upload bekam ich eine mydealz-Fehlermeldung
kalle006vor 3 h, 41 m

Einmal hätte auch gereicht!

Doppelt hält aber besser.
Wie kriegt man denn das celtic bundle 1? Der link aus dem Text oben sagt Sale vorbei
Sc4rvor 20 m

Wie kriegt man denn das celtic bundle 1? Der link aus dem Text oben sagt …Wie kriegt man denn das celtic bundle 1? Der link aus dem Text oben sagt Sale vorbei

Indem man 5€ bezahlt
Sc4rvor 35 m

Wie kriegt man denn das celtic bundle 1? Der link aus dem Text oben sagt …Wie kriegt man denn das celtic bundle 1? Der link aus dem Text oben sagt Sale vorbei

Wie @saskir2 schriebt musst Du Dir das 2. Tier kaufen, also mindestens $5 berappen. Den Link im Deal habe eingefügt, damit Ihr das erste Celtic-Bundle zum Probehören schneller finden könnt.
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