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Mutant Ops (Steam) kostenlos
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Mutant Ops (Steam) kostenlos

KOSTENLOS9,99€Steam Shop Angebote
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Mutant Ops (Steam) kostenlos
eingestellt am 8. Feb 2021

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«Mutant Ops will soon cost money

In about a weeks time the price for Mutant Ops will go from free to $10 USD...»

Survive endless waves of enemies alone or with friends.
Customize your loadout, using the strongest armor and weapons you can find. Deal massive amounts of burst damage with a sniper, or steady consistent damage with an ar. Have an arsenal full of weapons, or gear up with tons of armor, just. . . dont die.
Zusätzliche Info
Genau wie bei Mutant Ops wird laut Dev auch auch X Wars Deluxe in einer Woche kostenpflichtig:



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