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Mystery of Camp Enigma (PC DRM-Free) kostenlos (itch.io)
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Mystery of Camp Enigma (PC DRM-Free) kostenlos (itch.io)

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Mystery of Camp Enigma (PC DRM-Free) kostenlos (itch.io)
eingestellt am 5. Okt 2021

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Genre: Abenteuer, Gelegenheitsspiele
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Sprache: Englisch
Mystery of Camp Enigma
Discover the top secret military base of Camp Enigma. A hidden away island military communications base where few people have ever heard of. Everything was operating as usual until mid August when the entire army personnel disappeared and communication went silent.

Where did the army personnel go? Was there an accident on the base? Is there a more sinister motive at play?

As a leading specialist private investigator, you are to be first on the scene to investigate the disappearance and traverse the island to the communications tower.

Will you make it? Do you have what it takes to navigate a secret military island, solving the puzzles that block your way?
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