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Ninjas - STOLEN SCROLLS für iOS - AppStore

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Here comes an authentic cartoon art style 2D belt scroll arcade action!

Can your fingers catch the speed of the ninja?

A new operation system enables speedy, smooth action!

A great adventure will start to take back a stolen scroll!

Many obstacles, including evil ninjas, ninja dogs, monsters, demi-humans, zombies, traps, castles, dungeons, will prevent your adventure!

Explore a broad world map and push into the castle of vice!

Then, take back the scroll!

▪ Select among four ninjas!

- Select one from ninjas of fire, water, thunder, and wind!

You can use secret characters by achieving records!!

Can you find iOS original characters!?

▪ Master legendary ninjutsu!

- You can master ninjutsu by getting scrolls.

Can you master the legendary last ninjutsu!?

▪ Get legendary blade!

- It is not only ninjutsu that helps you!

Get legendary blades with the power of shinobi!

▪ Level system

- Allocate points obtained by increasing your level to Power, Strength and Ninriki.

The higher your level, the stronger the blades you will have!

▪ Available game mode

- You can select a game mode from Easy, Normal, and Hard.

The more difficult the mode you complete, the higher the score you can achieve...

▪ Animation, graphics, and system

- Smoother animation has been achieved by displaying 3D data in 2D.

- Numerous effects have been used for ninjutsu, weapons, and monsters.

- You can enjoy unique new combos shot from skill.
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    Reis oder Nudeln?
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    Das ist ein Free-2-Play-Titel mit In-App-Käufen.
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