Not Going Out - Series 1-5 DVD (O-Ton) für 15,59€

Not Going Out - Series 1-5 DVD (O-Ton) für 15,59€

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IMDB 7,9…14/
Series One
Lee is unburdened by ambition or drive, drifting from one ill-advised job to another, living off the goodwill and generosity of his landlady, Kate (Megan Dodds), a clean living Californian. Meanwhile, his best mate and uptight accountant Tim (Tim Vine), struggles to get over his break-up with Kate and cope with her rapidly blossoming friendship with Lee.

Series Two
Lee's flatmate Kate has moved out for good and his best mate and landlord, Tim has put the apartment up for sale. Faced with the prospect of losing the flat, not to mention his well-meaning but utterly useless cleaner Barbara (Miranda Hart), Lee rents the spare room to Tim's ambitious younger sister Lucy (Sally Breton).

Series Three
Having developed feelings for Lucy and successfully sabotaging her relationship with her then-boyfriend Guy, Lee still has no significant plans to confront her, and distractions such as pregnancies, insurance scams, and noisy neighbours keep his mind off the bigger picture.

Series Four
Trouble seems to find Lee at every turn. Not only are friends Tim and his ditzy girlfriend Daisy (Katy Wix) on hand to cause problems, but Lee also has to cope with stolen drugs, missing OAPs, long-lost daughters and a coma.

Series Five
Lee continues to get into all sorts of scrapes and sticky situations in his eagerness to please and impress the object of his affections. But will a drunken experiment with Lucy show once and for all that love really is in the air or will it just lead to more mayhem and mishaps...
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