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Octave (PC) kostenlos bei Indiegala
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Octave (PC) kostenlos bei Indiegala

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Octave (PC) kostenlos bei Indiegala
eingestellt am 24. Okt 2020

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Octave is a point 'n click horror-adventure game with elements of action and quest.

You play the role of a guy who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You are dragged into a dark forest, but on the verge of death, you are mysteriously saved from your killer by a someone or something.
As you venture deeper into the woods you find yourself surrounded by atrocity. You realise that salvation can turn out to be a real nightmare. All the way through fear you seek out the mysteries of the dark forest.
The struggle for life has only just begun!

In the game you will see:
  • an atmospheric dark forest with creepy shadows and monsters
  • an old house full of puzzles and paranormal activities
  • the underworld, where you have to run a lot

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