OnePlus 12 - 12GB/256GB - Snapdragon 8Gen3

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CHINESE NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS! - From 20.01.24 till 20.02.24 is no shipping from China possible

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Is the device checked before departure? Yes, we take extra time and check all devices (excluded are EU warehouse devices) for functions and also the hardware. This includes, for example, camera, GPS, sensor, display and charging tests, as well as an assessment of external defects.

If a new firmware is available for the device, we install it. In case of errors, an exchange will be made before shipment and a new device with full functionality will be sent to the customer. This way we guarantee that our customers only receive faultless devices.

If you do not agree with these tests, we are sorry, but we do it to provide you with a perfect product and reduce any of problems.

Die Gutscheine stehen hier zwar schon zum Teil mehrmals in den Kommentaren, aber ich finde die Info sollte man nicht suchen müssen:

15PEPPER - 15 Euro Gutschein. Danke
ZYDSJFM6 - 10 Euro Gutschein
WWQYDU4P - 5 Euro Gutschein
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WWQYDU4P: 5 Euro
PIRZU15: 15 Euro
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