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Orbitrack kostenlos für iOS und Android
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Orbitrack kostenlos für iOS und Android

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Orbitrack kostenlos für iOS und Android
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Jetzt auch für Android kostenlos erhältlich
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wer den Deal im Mai verpasst hat, kann nun wieder die App Orbitrack kostenlos im Apple App Store kaufen. Für Android ist das Angebot noch nicht freigeschaltet, dürfte aber erfahrungsgemäß dann heute / morgen noch erfolgen. Es gibt keine weiteren In-Apps oder Werbung.

Orbitrack is a brand-new, Augmented-Reality satellite tracker and spaceflight simulator! It's your pocket guide to the thousands of spacecraft in orbit around our home planet.

1) More than 4000 spacecraft, including all active satellites, classified military satellites, the International Space Station, and SpaceX's Starlink communication satellites.

2) Rich new graphics show atmospheric effects, city lights on Earth’s night side, and highly-detailed 3D satellite models.

3) An "augmented reality" mode that helps you find satellites in the sky using your device's GPS and motion sensors. Works with Orbit and Satellite views too!

4) Radio frequency data for amateur radio satellites.

5) Updated descriptions for hundreds of spacecraft. Every satellite now has a description from n2yo.com.

6) Supports the latest Android hardware and OS (Android 10, "Q").

7) Dozens of user interface tweaks and optimizations make Orbitrack faster and easier to use than its predecessor, Satellite Safari.

8.) New sound effects and ambient background music.

9) New Time Flow controls let you easily set the date and time, and animate the view.

If you're new to Orbitrack, here's what it can do:

  • Track thousands of satellites. Orbitrack will tell you when spacecraft pass overhead, show you where to find them in the sky, and let you track them across the planet.
  • Teach you about the International Space Station, and hundreds of other satellites in orbit, with comprehensive mission descriptions.
  • Show the view from any satellite, and see the Earth from orbit just as the “bird” sees it! Orbitrack includes detailed 3D models for dozens of satellites – see them up close from any angle!
  • Stay on top of the space race. Orbitrack updates its satellite data from n2yo.com and celestrak.com every day. When new spacecraft are launched, maneuver into new orbits, or fall back into the atmosphere, Orbitrack shows you what’s happening up there, right now.
  • Orbitrack isn’t just powerful – it’s incredibly easy to use! You don’t need an aerospace degree to become an expert satellite tracker. Orbitrack puts advanced capabilities at your fingertips, with the same intuitive touch interface you use every day.
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