[OSX] Mac App Home Radio gratis statt 4,99€

[OSX] Mac App Home Radio gratis statt 4,99€

eingestellt am 22. Jun 2015
Home Radio ist eine Programm lediglich zum streamen von Internetradios. Kein Socialmedia kram und kein unnötiger Mist - nur Radio.
Ich mag das Konzept. Es geht zwar auch als Verwaltung über Itunes aber hier ist es besser organisiert und für "for free" greift man es doch gern mal ab.

Hier noch die Beschreibung aus dem iTUnes Store:

*Home Radio is now Number 1 in the App Store - big hugs to our customers who've made us what we are.* iTunes might have "radio" but it doesn't have RADIO (i.e. AM/FM), so we made one ourselves. This radio has >24k radio stations (licensed from API.Radio), including NPR (e.g. WKCR and KQED), BBC, CBS (e.g. WINS and WSCR), KTCK, KFI, KIIS, ESPN, NHK, RTL Radio, MIX 106.5, and more every day. Why isn't it free? Because it costs us tons of money to run, grow & maintain our station database!

* Search radio station by name, city, call sign, frequency, etc.
* Stations added daily, and on request! Including ESPN, Spartan Sports Network, KCBS All News, 1010 WINS, CNN, WCBS, 106.7 Lite FM, BBC, ICRT, KIIS, Z100, Star 94, KISS 108, Z103.5, WABC, WPAJ, KSFO, KQRS, KGO, WBAP, WJZW, WRQX, The Beat, WMAL, KXXR, KBLX, WBLS, WSRT, CKQB, talkSPORT, 94.1, .977, WBBM, NHK, MIX 106.5, The Sport Hub, KQED, The Game, 99.7, R&B 102.9, 100.3 Más Variedad, La Raza, Jaz 91, etc (if you want to request a station, add your email via the station request feature, and we will update you once it's added!)'
* NEW: Song info, plus view songs played on YouTube

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