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[Packt Publishing] Kostenloses Videotraining "Working with Advanced Docker Operations"
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[Packt Publishing] Kostenloses Videotraining "Working with Advanced Docker Operations"

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Working with Advanced Docker Operations [Video] Randall Smith (Jan 2018)

What You Will Learn

  • Orchestrate multiple containers into complex applications with Kubernetes
  • Build images automatically with GitLab
  • View performance data with Grafana
  • Get use cases and problem solving tips
  • Install the ELK Stack

Authors Randall Smith
Randall Smith is a senior systems administrator at Adams State
University. He has been administering Windows, Linux, and BSD systems
since 1999.He has been active in helping other sysadmins solve problems
online and off. He has presented at the Colorado Higher Ed Computing
Organization and Educause conferences on topics including Linux KVM and
Ceph.In his spare time, Randall streams Let's Play gaming videos at
Music Free Gaming on YouTube and Twitch.
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