[packtpub]  Gratis E-Book: Object-Oriented JavaScript - Second Edition

[packtpub] Gratis E-Book: Object-Oriented JavaScript - Second Edition

eingestellt am 16. Nov 2016
Ich checke mittlerweile regelmäßig die Packtpub-Seite, vermisse aber auf mydealz manchmal die Deals dazu. Deshalb wird heute ein Packtpub-Deal von mir gepostet

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Object-Oriented JavaScript - Second Edition. (Ausgabe Juli 2013)
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The second edition of Object Oriented JavaScript has been one of our

most popular titles of the last few years - and you can read it for free

today! Created to help you dive deeper into JavaScript and explore it

from a new perspective, this book combines practical guidance with

useful theoretical insight so you can become a more fluent and confident

JavaScript developer.

Book Description:

JavaScript is the behavior, the third pillar in today's

paradigm that looks at web pages as something that consists of clearly

distinguishable parts: content (HTML), presentation (CSS) and behavior

(JavaScript). Using JavaScript, you can create not only web pages but

also desktop widgets, browser and application extensions, and other

pieces of software. It's a pretty good deal: you learn one language and

then code all kinds of different applications. While there's one chapter

specifically dedicated to the web browser environment including DOM,

Events and AJAX tutorials, the rest is applicable to the other


Many web developers have tried coding or adopting some bits of

JavaScript, but it is time to "man up" and learn the language properly

because it is the language of the browser and is, virtually, everywhere.

This book starts from zero, not assuming any prior JavaScript

programming knowledge and takes you through all the in-depth and

exciting futures hidden behind the facade.

Once listed in the "nice to have" sections of job postings, these

days the knowledge of JavaScript is a deciding factor when it comes to

hiring web developers. After reading this book you'll be prepared to ace

your JavaScript job interview and even impress with some bits that the

interviewer maybe didn't know. You should read this book if you want to

be able to take your JavaScript skills to a new level of sophistication.

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