PAYDAY 2 Career Criminal Edition steam gift zum abgeben

PAYDAY 2 Career Criminal Edition steam gift zum abgeben

eingestellt am 29. Mai 2013
hab mir gerade vom steam shop
PAYDAY 2 Career Criminal Edition - Four Pack geholt

zwei gifts zum abgeben 30 euro jeweils

skype: bashgiver

paypal oder amazongutschein
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nicht payday, sondern SPAMDAY.

Man das gehört hier nicht hin.

Gehört eigentlich in die Kleinanzeigen.…172
Payday 2 + Pre-Order Bonus für 21,98

Afaik ist das dasselbe, nur günstiger (?!)
Laut Steam ist die Career Criminal Edition auch nur mit Payday 2 enthalten (?!)

aufpreis lohnt sich mMn nicht zur von tabu geposteten version!

The PAYDAY 2: Career Criminal Edition is a limited offer which includes an exclusive shipment of digital content. For you, the action is the juice. ■PAYDAY Loot Bag – Includes the PAYDAY Loot bag that is described above. ■2 Beta Keys – 1 to keep and 1 to give to a friend! Before the release of PAYDAY 2, fans with a Beta key will get the chance to play the PAYDAY 2 Beta during a limited time prior to release. ■PAYDAY 2: The Original Soundtrack – Receive a digital copy of the PAYDAY 2 Original Soundtrack, available for download pre-release! The PAYDAY 2 Original Soundtrack will consist of tracks made by Simon Viklund. ■The Deal – Bain is a businessman and you’ve managed to get yourself a good deal. You receive in-game discounts on all purchases in PAYDAY 2’s when the game is released. Please note: PAYDAY 2 has no micro-transactions. This is tied to the in-game store where you purchase items for in-game cash, like in any other classic RPG game. ■BAIN’S GUIDE TO THE CRIMINAL UNDERWORLD – You receive a digital issue of the must-have guide on heisting, written by the mastermind himself – Bain. The hunt for Baldwin continues. ■Blueprints for places to heist – Opportunities multiply as they are ceased, every career criminal knows that. With these printable blueprints that also are available in your safe house planning room, you’ll be set for the big heists.

Tabu 2 + Pre-Order Bonus für 21,98Afaik ist das dasselbe, nur günstiger (?!)Laut Steam ist die Career Criminal Edition auch nur mit Payday 2 enthalten (?!)

Ist NICHT das selbe…20/

Intresse an einen Tausch?


Intresse an einen Tausch?


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2 Games und 2 Gutscheine für deines.

Bash hast auch nen Steam-Account Namen um dich zu adden? xD

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