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[PDF] [eBook] Network Automation Cookbook ($27.99 Value) FREE [Englisch] [kostenlos]
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[PDF] [eBook] Network Automation Cookbook ($27.99 Value) FREE [Englisch] [kostenlos]

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[PDF] [eBook] Network Automation Cookbook ($27.99 Value) FREE [Englisch] [kostenlos]
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Auf 472 Seiten wird die Netzwerk-Administration mittels Ansible ausführlich erklärt. Das Buch ist von 2020, also ganz aktuell (2021 hat ja gerade begonnen... )
Network Automation Cookbook is designed to help system administrators, network engineers, and infrastructure automation engineers to centrally manage switches, routers, and other devices in their organization's network.

This book will help you gain hands-on experience in automating enterprise networks and take you through core network automation techniques using the latest version of Ansible and Python.

With the help of practical recipes, you'll learn how to build a network infrastructure that can be easily managed and updated as it scales through a large number of devices. You'll also cover topics related to security automation and get to grips with essential techniques to maintain network robustness. As you make progress, the book will show you how to automate networks on public cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. Finally, you will get up and running with Ansible 2.9 and discover troubleshooting techniques and network automation best practices.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to use Ansible to automate modern network devices and integrate third-party tools such as NAPALM, NetBox, and Batfish easily to build robust network automation solutions.

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Network Automation Cookbook - Proven and actionable recipes to automate and manage network devices using Ansible
Karim Okasha

About the author
Karim Okasha is a network consultant with over 15 years of experience in the ICT
industry. He is specialized in the design and operation of large telecom and service
provider networks and has lots of experience in network automation. Karim has a
bachelor's degree in telecommunications and holds several expert-level certifications, such as CCIE, JNCIE, and RHCE. He is currently working in Red Hat as a network automation consultant, helping large telecom and service providers to design and implement innovative network automation solutions. Prior to joining Red Hat, he worked for Saudi Telecom Company as well as Cisco and Orange S.A.

Who this book is for
This book is ideal for IT professionals and network engineers who are responsible for the design and operation of network devices within an organization and would like to expand their knowledge on using Ansible to automate their network infrastructure. Basic knowledge of networking and Linux is recommended.

Nur das Inhaltsverzeichnis ist 15 Seiten lang - daher nehme ich es nicht in die Deal-Beschreibung

Für den Download muss man seine (dummy-)Daten in die Maske eingeben, die (Wegwerf-) E-Mail Adresse muss richtig sein, damit der personalisierte Download-Link zugestellt wird.

Sorry, aber wem dies mit den Daten zu aufwändig ist, braucht das Buch nicht - er wird es nicht schaffen, das Buch zu lesen

Hier einige Details zum Buch:
First published: April 2020
Production reference: 1170420
Published by Packt Publishing Ltd.
Livery Place
35 Livery Street
B3 2PB, UK.
ISBN 978-1-78995-648-1

Viel Spaß beim Lesen, Studieren und Ausprobieren!
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