Photo Watch 2 (Android Wear 2) kostenlos statt 1,99€

Photo Watch 2 (Android Wear 2) kostenlos statt 1,99€

eingestellt am 15. Feb
Aktuell gibt es die App Photo Watch 2 (Android Wear 2) kostenlos statt 1,99€.

Photo Watch 2 is the most versatile watch face for your Android Wear 2 watch! Upload your own photos and setup any complications on the watch face!

Choose from one of 3 provided watch faces provided, you can:
• Take a photo from camera
• Select a photo from your own photo album or Google Photos
• Select a photo from watch face
• Share photo from other apps, including painting apps

The photo will show up as background on the watch face! It is that simple!

You can also:
• add interactive complications to your watch faces!
• customise text (including emojis) - add special message for your love one!
• change font - default, LED, LCD, retro computer, fancy or comic font
• change text color and size
• change time display position
• show translucent photo in ambient mode with 3 level of brightness
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Mach noch Android in den Titel!
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couponer4u15. Feb

Mach noch Android in den Titel!Ansonsten hot

Android Wear 2 sollte eigentlich reichen. ^ ^
Ein Glück nicht für IOS ;p
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Es gibt 34 Bewertungen.. Aber man kann nichts dazu lesen.. Merkwürdig
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