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Plokoth (PC) kostenlos (itch.io)

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Plo and Oth live together in the jungle of Plokoth.

Everything is normal until one day Oth becomes sick. She is infected by a strange disease.

So, after she leaves her body behind in a sort of coma state she follows Plo in form of a ghost to find a cure for the disease.

As they go into the forest they find it contaminated, too. And as they reach the Plipi tribe they see that it is infected with the disease as well.

So they need to go even deeper into the forest to destroy it. Some time passes. And one day, already deep in the jungle, Oth’s spirit becomes weaker and Plo started to lose all hope. And he wonders if he will ever get his girlfriend back.
Pichón is a puzzle platformer where you play as a chubby bird that's constantly bouncing. Fast reflex and good timing will allow you to sort obstacles, activate secret passages and collect the necessary gems to be able to open the door at the end of each level.
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Sieht stark nach Ori aus.
StefanReisinger03.05.2020 11:51

Sieht stark nach Ori aus.

War auch mein erster Gedanke. Grafisch sehr stark daran angelehnt. Das Gameplay im Video sieht aber dich etwas anders aus.
Pichon kostet bei mir 2,99€
Pichon ist um 1 Uhr abgelaufen
Danke immerhin 1v2 gesichert
typjk03.05.2020 13:36

Pichon ist um 1 Uhr abgelaufen https://itch.io/s/30155/finde-night

Hab es gerade eben bei mir aktiviert.
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