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PowerBeatsVR (alle PC VR Headsets) - Workout in VR
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PowerBeatsVR (alle PC VR Headsets) - Workout in VR

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PowerBeatsVR (alle PC VR Headsets) - Workout in VR
eingestellt am 20. Nov 2020

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Wer bei dem ekligen Novemberwetter und Lockdown auf das Workout nicht verzichten will, sollte sich mal PowerBeatsVR anschauen, ist gerade massiv reduziert auf Steam. Geht mega auf den ganzen Körper (vor allem die Beine!) aber macht trotzdem irgendwie Spaß. Danach liegt man mit viel besserem Gewissen auf der Couch

"PowerBeatsVR is an action-packed, rhythm-based VR fitness game that trains your entire body like no other.
Move with the beat as you punch, duck, and dodge your way through challenging obstacle courses in several virtual arenas. Shatter incoming boulders into pieces and see those calories burn with ease.

The more you move and the stronger you hit, the higher your score. Have fun while training your stamina, strength, and reflexes.

Experience intense VR workouts on higher levels of difficulty. Or choose the easier modes, and just enjoy smashing stuff to the beat of a diverse and energetic soundtrack. In any case, there is a leaderboard waiting for you.

Want to use your own music? Just do it. Let the game auto-generate everything the way you like it or get creative and built workouts for your custom songs with the editor."
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