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Prehistoric Business Man
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Prehistoric Business Man

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Become the most successful monopolist in a new additive economic game Prehistoric Business Man! Enjoy the rules of the classic and most favorite board game at the screen of your device. Have fun in a wild and fierce setting – now you can build your own entertainment cave or stone hammer manufacture cave and show every troglodyte what means ‘magnate’! Become a living legend and make every tribe speak about you with a great respect.

Prehistoric Business Man – enjoy classic economy game rules in your device! You will face advanced AI opponents and you task will be make it to the victory. You will start a game on the corner marked "START," throw the dice and your token will move in the direction of the arrow the number of spaces indicated by the dice. On your way you can buy and build different manufactures. The main goal is to build three concerns first. You lose if you run out of money or your opponents complete their concerns before you! Good luck! It’s money time!
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