[PSN/PS4] 3on3 FreeStyle kostenlos im US-Store

[PSN/PS4] 3on3 FreeStyle kostenlos im US-Store

eingestellt am 15. Dez 2016

Welcome to one of the most vibrant, diverse, exciting and competitive but unifying sports in the world - street basketball. Pick your player from a pool of custom-designed, one-of-a-kind characters based on real-life street basketball players, team up with your friends online or in-person, and hit the court to play authentic, fast-paced 3 on 3 street basketball real-time matches against live opponents in settings inspired by the world’s most-revered street basketball venues. Once the ball is tipped, you can take on opponents with the signature, jaw-dropping basketball tricks each character possesses, link up with your teammates for soaring alley-oops and no-look passes, and create your own style which turns you into a street basketball legend.


3 vs 3 Multiplayer Mode
1 vs 1 Muliplayer Mode
Dynamic Practive Lobby

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sieht cool aus. danke für den hinweis
Cool danke..Erinnert mich an ein Game 1989
Free2Play oder Preisfehler oder Beta?
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Free2Play oder Preisfehler oder Beta?Achja und Hot

Open beta seit 6. Dez
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