PWN: Combat Hacking [iOS]

PWN: Combat Hacking [iOS]

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In this fast real-time strategy game you face off against other elite hackers within a 3D cyberspace and blast each other off the grid by tactical use of computer viruses, trojans, and spikes. Defend your own nodes with encryption, firewalls, and scanners. And watch out for hidden traps like backdoors that can decimate your network from within. Become the notorious computer hacker you always wanted to be.

- Real-time, player vs. player tactical hacking battles
- Eight hacker characters to choose from, each with a special skill proficiency
- Infiltrate maze-like three-dimensional network grids
- 10+ hours of single-player campaigns where you take out other hackers, learn and upgrade various hacking skills, and finally compete in a huge tournament
- Online and Local multiplayer
- iCloud support
- Widescreen support
- 90 different maps to battle on
- No actual coding/hacking knowledge required!
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    Mortal Combat für Nerds?

    Und warum muss das nun auf Englisch geschrieben sein? #swag oder was?

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