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Ravenscroft 275 Piano für iOS

eingestellt am 25. Nov 2021

Dieser Deal ist leider abgelaufen. Hier sind ein paar andere Optionen für Dich:

Ravenscroft 275 Piano wird mitunter als das beste Piano Software Instrument gehandelt und ist meiner Meinung nach das am authentischsten klingende Piano Software Instrument für iOS. Zwar ist ehrlicherweise der Klang doch nicht so toll wie bei Keyscape oder wie bei der Desktop Variante von Ravenscroft 275, aber für die Hosentasche oder Unterwegs ist es unglaublich was hier angeboten wird.

Normalerweise kostet die App 35,99 EUR aber jetzt gibts wohl nen Black Friday Deal.

Klangbeispiele vs Pure Piano App
Klangbeispiele App vs Desktop

Auch sehr intereressant mit dem aktuellen iTunes Guthaben +15% Deal

Original Text:
Experience the splendor of a Ravenscroft Grand with the most realistic sounding piano ever created for iOS. Launch the app and access the gorgeous tone of this one-of-a-kind concert grand from your iPhone or iPad.

The origins of this virtual instrument lie in the masterfully crafted Ravenscroft 275 Titanium Grand Piano - made of 1,000 year old sitka spruce wood with solid titanium string termination points and precise, responsive CAD optimized action. The same quest for the highest fidelity sounds has spurred the deep sampling and meticulous capturing of this piano for the app. The final result delivers crystal clear hammer attacks, staccato release trails, and much more. Every detail has been painstakingly crafted to bring you the most authentic piano experience ever on iOS.

- High-resolution audio recording via premium microphones and pristine converters
- 100% sample-based sounds with hybrid modeling
- Real sympathetic resonance
- Accurate sustain pedal modeling including re-pedaling support
- Over 1,000 release samples for true staccato

- UVI Sparkverb reverb integrated
- 3 Band EQ and timbre shift
- Customizable MIDI and Dynamics response
- Fully resizable and customizable 1 or 2-tier keyboard
- Save/Load presets
- Lossless FLAC format provides the highest quality with smallest disk footprint and fast loading times
- Very efficient use of RAM and CPU resources

- Inter-App Audio / Audiobus support
- Audio Unit v3 Plugin
- External keyboard and MIDI-over-LAN support via CoreMIDI
- Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard Compatible

- Supported Operating System: iOS 9.3+
- Works on:
iPad 4 or newer
iPhone 5 or newer (iPhone 6 or newer recommended)
iPod Touch 6 or newer

- 883MB of disk space
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