Rayman Forever, Rayman 2 und Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc für je 1,35€ [Ubisoft Store]

Rayman Forever, Rayman 2 und Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc für je 1,35€ [Ubisoft Store]

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eingestellt am 8. Nov 2016

Direkt bei Ubisoft erhaltet ihr Rayman Forever, Rayman 2 und Rayman 3 für jeweils 1,35€.

PVG [isthereanydeal]: jeweils 5,49€

In Rayman’s world, nature and people live together in peace. One day, the evil Mr. Dark defeats Betilla, the Fairy, and steals the Great Protoon, the provider of harmony and balance. The Electoons who used to gravitate towards it lose their natural stability and scatter all over the world. Strange phenomena begin to occur: freaks and hostile characters appear, capturing every Electoon they can find! The disappearance of the Great Protoon also neutralized all of Betilla’s powers, and she needs time to regenerate before she can help in any way. They definitely need a hero to save them, and it looks like you’re it. It’s now up to Rayman and you to rescue the world.

Metacritic: metacritic.com/gam…ver

All rested up from his past adventures, Rayman is ready for action in a new dimension! Ruthless pirates have invaded the Glades of Dreams to capture and enslave Rayman’s friends. Will he save them? Only you can find out!
To free Rayman’s friends and reap the reward of their magical powers, defeat barbaric pirates and gather the 4 masks of Polokus.
Send shock waves through your senses as you run, jump, fly, ride, water-ski and puzzle your way through 20 fantastical worlds and more than 40 hours of sheer fun and exhilaration.

Metacritic: metacritic.com/gam…ape

Mit neuen High-Tech-Kräften und -Gegenständen wie z. B. Shock Rockets, LockJaw, Funky-Boards und anderen coolen Sachen ist Rayman in Bestform. Stürze dich in intensive strategische Kämpfe mit der verrückten Hoodlum-Armee und riesigen Bossen, die sich verwandeln können. Tauche mit John Leguizamo als Globox ein in riesige, atemberaubende Welten voller schräger Witze und ausgeflippter Charaktere und genieße ein skurriles, episches Abenteuer mit einzigartigem Humor.

Metacritic: metacritic.com/gam…voc

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