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Re-fuel Akkuframe für GoPro (ausser Sessions und Hero8)
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Re-fuel Akkuframe für GoPro (ausser Sessions und Hero8)

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Re-fuel by digipower Akku action-pack, wiederaufladbarer Akku, bis zu 9 Stunden Akkulaufzeit für die GoPro HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black & HERO 2018.

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Gibt das schon für die GoPro 8, sollte schon April erhältlich sein, habe nichts gefunden.
Kein hochwertiges Ding, Amazon Bewertung:

I was quite disappointed to find out that the Refuel does not live up to its advertised guaranteed operating life of 8 hours @1080P60 or act as a battery as implied by the description.

First note this is not a battery that supplies power to operate the Hero5, its a battery that recharges the Hero's battery using through the USB C connection. You must start with both the Hero's battery and the Refuel fully charged if to get max runtime. Recharging performance is slow so if you start with a low power Hero battery (less than 10%) the Hero will shutdown within a few minutes despite the Refuel being fully charged.

Second with the Refuel my recording run times were between 5h:45m to 6h:15m instead of their advertised 8h:00m. I contacted their customer support and an agent said he would conduct some testing with the latest GoPro 5 firmware to see if something change that is affecting its performance and I waited nearly 2 weeks and never heard back so I returned the Refuel.

What attracted me to the Refuel was the 8hr battery life rating and why Refuel vs it's competitors is that it's the only waterproof design that doesn't obstruct the rear LCD. This was important to me because I bought it to film my kayak fishing adventures and didn't want to fiddle with opening and closing cases while on the (ocean) water. Like any electronics their will be defective batches so I bought two more to give it another shot, but those still ran for less than 7 hours consistently over two full recharges. Back those went and ordered two more. Over the course of 4 full battery charges one unit consistently ran for 7h:40m and the other fluctuated between 5h:45m to 6h:30m. What I found out is the 6hr unit stops charging the Hero5 at around 2 bars (out of 4) which explains why such a big difference. I swapped the cameras between batteries on the 3rd charge to ensure it wasn't a defect in one of the cameras. I'm going to keep the one that recorded for 7h:40m even though I'm skeptical about how long it's service life will be considering how poor there quality control is and their customer support is worthless.

I did take the first unit out on the water and it indeed was waterproof, but note it was only submerged less than 3ft for brief moments as I was pulling up fish so don't consider this an extensive test of it's waterproofing.

In summary Refuel does not live up to it claim of a guaranteed 8 hour recording time at 1080P60. Only 1 out of 5 Refuel units I tested lasted over 7 hours with the others coming up significantly short so if you buy one make sure you test it.
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