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Retro Twist - Mini Watch Games für iOS [AppStore]]

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14514977421679184850.jpgRETRO TWIST is a new take on some old and modern classic games. It mashes up the game mechanics of your favourite games to create something new. You can play on your Apple Watch or iPhone.

This collection of 18 games includes:


How long can you survive a deadly onslaught of homing missiles? Maneuver your fighter plane to avoid the missiles and make them crash into each other.


Jump from platform to platform to gain more height and points. Shoot the winged baddies along the way.

■ Drift

Enjoy high octane drifting down a treacherous road. One false move and down you go. Try and survive as long as you can to get the top score. Collect the stars for bonus points.

■ Cong

It's like pong, but in a circle. Use the digital crown to move the paddle around the circle and keep the ball in play.

■ Tower

Build your Tower by stacking colourful blocks on top of each other. Place them perfectly for bonus points.


Guide the bird through a never ending forest by flapping your wings.


Help the cute frogs avoid the cars and cross the road. A 3D update to the classic Frogger game.


Feel like going for a a run? Help the voxel guy avoid the colourful obstacles by jumping, rolling and turning around the corners.


A mashup of Tetris and Dr. Mario. Move the falling blocks to match 4 or more colors to clear them. Setup the blocks to fall and match for combos and extra points.


Pilot your drone down the never ending corridors of an Alien spaceship.


Strap your rocket boots on and zoom down a dark cave. Thrust combines a classic cave flyer game with elements of flappy bird.


We’ve taken the fun of the humble platformer game and mashed it with an endless runner. Keep your player running by jumping over holes, ditches and enemies. Collect fruit to score points and the more you score the faster you run.


Inspired by pseudo 3d racing games like Outrun and Pole Position but with modern graphics. Enjoy the surreal, exhilarating sense of speed while you race to beat the clock.

Please note this game requires a watch series 4 or newer.


A mashup of Contra’s shooting action and the bubble popping fun of Pang.


A new twist to the classic Space Invaders. With a unique circular design and lots of power-ups.


We took the classic fruit eating snake and put him on the moon. Avoid the bombs and your own tail to survive.


What could be better than the classic paddle game Breakout? How about power-ups and an extra paddle to control.


It’s like Pong in a Circle meets Breakout. Keep the ball from leaving the circle and break all the obstacles to finish the stage.


• No ads!

• Apple Watch support

• Screen shake

• Vibrations

• Sound Effects

• Music

• Leaderboards
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    Ein paar Games ausprobiert und Spaß daran gefunden - Vielen Dank für den Tipp
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    So ein Quatsch…! Hot!!
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    Holt euch lieber ne PS Vita!
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    Odroid Go Advance. Batocera Image Dann hast du vorher noch was zu basteln.
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    Danke, endlich mal paar Highend Spiele für die Watch
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    Dankesehr! :-)
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    Gestern wollte das APP Store unbedingt eine Zahlungsmethode trotz Hinweis für 0 Euro. Jetzt geht es nicht mehr.
    Also sooo HOT finde ich das nicht, wenn ein Anwender einen dazu zwingen will, eine Zahlungsmethode dazuzufügen.
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