Rock Band Nihilquest
Rock Band Nihilquest

Rock Band Nihilquest

(Also Sprach) Franky video:

Compact Disc (CD)
Nothing fancy but if you like CD's - that's what it is! Autographed if you want.
Includes unlimited streaming of 1.1 Splendid Isolation

1.Man Made Hell 04:06
2.710 04:57
3.Equal 03:21
4.Splendid Isolation 05:48
5.Mental Slave 04:04
6.Choose Life (In Misery) 04:03
7.Dead Girls 04:59
8.(Also Sprach) Franky 03:10
9.Holy Nailhead 04:23
10.Chemical Saviour 04:36
11.The Last Message 03:25

The first full length album from a Polish hard rock / metal band with
some industrial and blues influences. No growling, just classic heavy
clean vocals. Influences include AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Down,
NIN, Strapping Young Lad.

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released November 11, 2011
Nihil Quest 2009-11
Ian Giedrojć - vocals
Jarosław Koźbiał - drums
Łukasz Pieszczyński - bass
Marcin Noryśkiewicz - guitar
Featuring: Bartłomiej Wanecki (4,8,9,10), Stanisław Czekała (7), Jaymz

Stephenson (9), Ignacio "Jevo" Garamendi (7), Shupryt (11).
CD cover: Kamil Mójta, Ian Giedrojć. Sculpture - Maria Chudoba-Wiśniewska (†)

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