Run VR & Farmer vs Evil VR & The Bronze Pro VR für Android zur Zeit gratis im Google Play Store

Run VR & Farmer vs Evil VR & The Bronze Pro VR für Android zur Zeit gratis im Google Play Store

eingestellt am 8. Mai
Das Spiel Run VR gibt es zur Zeit gratis im Google Play Store. Nur für Smartphones mit Gyroskop-Sensor , also fast jedes.

Farmer vs Evil VR ist auch gerade gratis statt 1,69€:…Pep


The Bronze Pro VR 0,89€…oVR

Kopierte Beschreibungen:

Grab your running shoes and VR headset as you prepare for a thrilling adventure. RUN VR guides you through the realm of skyscrapers and clouds. Your mission? Collect gems as you zip across rooftops. Your in-game handheld tracker will show you how many remain. When you’ve collected them all, find your way to the terminus and view your reward. Falling off the edge may seem like the end but you’ll land unharmed and the level will restart automatically. The challenges grow more complex as you progress. You’ll need an open mind and a willingness to try anything if you want to make it to the top. Enjoy the ride!

Important: a gyroscope is required to play RUN VR. Before purchasing, please make sure your device has a gyroscope.


Farmer vs Evil VR:

The usual day of farmer John began. His corn fields were the best in the whole district ... but no one knew - what cost ... Help John survive until dawn and protect his harvest.
As soon as the sun goes over the horizon, THEY wake up. John does not know how many of them will come this night. But you need to survive at any cost. What will happen tomorrow and whether the new day will come depends only on you ...

- The game supports all kind of virtual reality glasses
- Requires a gyroscope
- You can play with controller and without


The Bronze Pro VR:

Anvilforth's peaceful time has passed. The hand of tyranny has hung over the city. It was created from steam, metal and human suffering.
The power of the King Zargus had no limits, as his greed and cruelty. The best smiths and craftsmen have became his slaves to make the tools of death. Everybody was enslaved except Loyd.
Even in the dark times, Loyd had hope and longing for the light given him by his daughter Elizabeth. The father and daughter were inseparable.
But one day the King called Loyd to his castle and ordered to create a weapon of such deadly power that no one had seen before. The king wanted to see this world in agony at the foot of his infernal throne.
The smith tried to persuade the King that he had enough military power to keep his tyranny forever, but Zargus was insane. He promised the blacksmith enormous wealth and power, but Loyd could not agree to this deal.
The king's wrath had no limits, he sweared to take revenge on Lloyd for his impudence.
And revenge was terrible: the knights of Zargus broke into the house of the blacksmith and kidnapped Elizabeth.
Loyd was inconsolable, but the last spark of hope lit up in his heart, and his mind was consumed by a flame of unbridled hatred. And he realized that he had nothing to lose, only his life which did not make sense without his daughter.
Then Loyd went to war, and nothing could stop him. Ahead he saw the face of Death, but somewhere far away the light of hope was shining ... and the way led him to the castle of the King...

- for the game you need a joystick
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Funktioniert das auch mit Kebabkop-Sensor? Hab' hier 'nen "Casper"-Handy aus der Türkei rumfliegen.
Cubice8. Mai

Funktioniert das auch mit Kebabkop-Sensor? Hab' hier 'nen "Casper"-Handy …Funktioniert das auch mit Kebabkop-Sensor? Hab' hier 'nen "Casper"-Handy aus der Türkei rumfliegen.

Dein Murat Phone wird nicht unterstützt.
Danke, dass du in der Beschreibung kurz erklärt hast, was diese App kann
Dealbeschreibung ist Müll. Cold.
Bitte sagt mir dass ich falsch liege, rennt man mit der App wortwörtlich blind durch die Gegend oder was?

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