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Sacred Gold - Edition für 1,29€ [GOG]
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Sacred Gold - Edition für 1,29€ [GOG]

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Sacred Gold - Edition für 1,29€ [GOG]
eingestellt am 19. Okt 2021

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1872936_1.jpgSacred Gold für 1,29€

PVG: 2,29€
Sprache: englisch ua. (deutsch via MOD)
System: Windows (7, 8, 10, 11)
1872936_1.jpgFür deutsche Texte + Auflösungseinstellungen bitte folgendes installieren:
Sacred - ReBorn HD - MOD

Installationsanleitung für Sacred RebornHD - MOD: siehe hier

Beschreibung / Sacred Gold

A shadow of evil has fallen on the kingdom of Ancaria. Now is the time
for champions. Orcish hordes and Undead legions, Demonic beasts and
mythical Dragons. This is the world of Sacred. A time of legends. Your
world. Your time. A new adventure begins.

Choose from 8 heroic characters: Dwarf, Daemon, Gladiator, Seraphim,
Battlemage, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Vampiress. Discover the vast Kingdom of
Ancaria, but be on your guard. Equip yourself with magic spells,
close-combat and ranged weapons, fighting on foot and on horseback.

Collect hundreds of items, forge unique and powerful weapons and armor.
Learn Combat Arts, develop new skills and perform devastating combo
attacks, made from your own special skills and spells. Battle your way
through the massive main storyline and solve hundreds of side and
dynamic quests as you cleanse the lands of Ancaria.

Battle with friends and rivals in Sacred's free multiplayer modes
(online & LAN). Featuring the entire campaign played cooperatively
(1-4 players), pure Hack'n'Slash with friends (1-16 players), or
battling against others in Player vs Player (1-16 players).

Multiplayer notice: Sacred's multiplayer servers
(Internet) are no longer functioning, therefore multiplayer is only
possible over a local area network (physical or emulated).

  • Includes Sacred Plus and Sacred Underworld
  • Many different and very interesting classes and characters to choose from
  • An engaging storyline viewed from many different perspectives
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