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[Sample Pack] Cymatics "Memories" Vintage Collection (500 MB) // limited time
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[Sample Pack] Cymatics "Memories" Vintage Collection (500 MB) // limited time

eingestellt am 30. Nov 2020

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There’s a certain thing that’s special about music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s...
And over the past few years, we’ve built a huge collection of vintage analog gear.
There is a certain warmth, emotion, and nostalgia that you get when you process sounds through this equipment.
We’ve tried to do this with VST’s, but honestly it just doesn’t sound the same.
We took that exact approach to put together this amazing collection of vintage style samples and recordings.
Inside you’ll find 250+ samples, including the following:
Drum & shaker loops, Over 50 synth/instruments one shots, Live recorded drum one shots, Ambient tape loops, Melodies inspired by the art of crate digging & much more!

wer das Magazin 'Computer Music' kennt ist sicher schon Cymatics Samples begegnet
ich gebe 3,5 von von 5 Punkten fuer dieses Potpourri an Sounds, es ist halt bunt durchmischt wie ich finde

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