Samsung BD-H6500 3D Blu-ray-Player (UltraHD Upscaling, WLAN, Smart TV) für 92,64€ inkl. Versand

Samsung BD-H6500 3D Blu-ray-Player (UltraHD Upscaling, WLAN, Smart TV) für 92,64€ inkl. Versand

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eingestellt am 13. Jan 2015
- 3D-Technologie sorgt für räumliche Darstellung von Filmen
- Genuss üblicher HD-Tonformate inklusive Dolby Digital Plus / TrueHD
- 1 x USB Anschluss zum Ansehen von Video, Audio und Musikdateien
- Multiroom-Unterstützung
- Lieferumfang: Fernbedienung inkl. Batterien, Handbuch

Vergleichspreis: 103,99€…tpb
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Naja die Preisspanne ist in letzter Zeit eher gestiegen...

Hab den 7500er woanders bestellt. Unterschied?

Gab's schon mal für 89€ bei Amazon.

Hab mir genau deshalb gleich ne ps3 von rebuy mit einer 500gb festplatte für 145 Euro gekauft kann genauso 3d und bluray und sogar games abspielen

Mir gefällt die Optik nicht von den Samsung teilen. Diese Abrundung.... Was soll das.

WHAT Hifi kritisiert die Bildqualität:…iew

"Samsung BD-F7500: picture

Picture performance isn’t quite as striking, but the BD-F7500 puts out a decent image. The Samsung has a decent grip on motion, although the slow pan at the beginning of Cowboys & Aliens isn’t as smooth as we’d like.

Detail levels are impressive, and the leathery texture of Daniel Craig’s face is quite apparent. Colours are vibrant, but dark scenes could do with less noise and deeper blacks.

The image provided by this Samsung Blu-ray player is also flatter than those of some of its competitors. Shading could do with more subtlety – people sometimes look like layered cut-outs on a green screen.

These findings are consistent when we switch over to DVD: the picture is detailed and vibrant enough, but in need of more subtlety. We have no complaints with 3D performance: motion is fine and layering is well done.

Samsung BD-F7500: sound

It’s with the sound that the BD-F7500 delivers that we find ourselves disappointed. The Samsung doesn’t have the full-bodied delivery of some rivals, for example, or the dynamic punch of the Award-winning Sony BDP-S790, which sounds much more enthusiastic.

The Samsung’s sound is smaller and more closed-in than some, and the presentation can be a little cluttered. Loading up a Blu-ray of Shine A Light, we don’t get the sense that the Rolling Stones are rocking out in a concert hall.
To top things off, there’s a slightly hard edge to the sound, most noticeably in the treble."

Sie stehen auf SONY, Panasonic, Pioneer, Oppo, Cambridge.

Zu billig kaufen lohnt sich nicht.

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