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Serious Sam: The First Encounter / The Second Encounter / je 1,19€ [GOG] [Retro-Shooter]

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2070796-gVBLj.jpgSerious Sam: The First Encounter für 1,19€
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter für 1,19€

PVG: 1,79€
System: Windows (7, 8, 10, 11)
Sprache: englisch

2070796-0GWsr.jpgSpielbeschreibung / Inhalt / Serious Sam: The First Encounter

In the near future, during their first interstellar travels, humans encounter a great evil that has been roaming the galaxy for the last few eons. This evil being is an incarnation of the last ancient immortals called Notorious Mental. Mental has set forth to wipe out the Human Race, just for fun, as it has with all the other civilizations in galactic history.

But the enemy has underestimated Earth’s defenses, a secret weapon left by the Sirians, an ancient race which fought against Mental on Earth in ancient times. This device, called the Timelock, will enable Special Forces veteran Sam 'Serious' Stone to return to the time of ancient Egypt and assassinate Mental, saving Mankind from extinction.

In a world where cyberpunk meets fantasy and hi-tech devices are mixed with black magic and psychic powers, Sam travels from the beautiful world of ancient Egypt through many diverse planets, confronting hordes of Mental's hideous minions on his way to the final showdown at Notorious Mental's lair.
  • Fight off wave after wave of countless cannon fodder and save mankind
  • Addictive, fast-paced gameplay topped with cheesy, Duke Nukem-style one-liners
  • Good level design with items, bottlenecks and cover in just the right places

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    Aaaaaaaaaaa yourself!
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    Pure Masse. Good old times.
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    perfekt nach einem stressigen Arbeitstag
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    Die Lieder aus dem Spiel ziehe ich mir heute noch rein hab da vor Urzeiten mal das Album gefunden.
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    Wieso gibts da nicht auch Teil 2
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    Ich treffe da immer nix
    Unvorstellbar bei der Masse an Gegnern