Serpent in the Staglands für 4,89€ [GOG]

Serpent in the Staglands für 4,89€ [GOG]

4,89€10,99€ Angebote
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1157376.jpgSerpent in the Staglands für 4,89€

Gamestar Zitat: "Geheimtipp für Oldschool-Rollenspieler"

PVG: 10,99€


System: Windows / Mac / Linux

Sprache: English

Included Goodies:
  • Manual
  • Map
  • Erlein's Handbook


  • Party-based, real time with pause combat focused on macro tactical decisions and creative party skill combinations
  • Classless role-playing system: create builds via any combination of the over 100 magic, combat and aptitude skills available
  • Non-linear storyline to explore as your adventure allows
  • No level scaling or story-blocked map barriers impede your adventure
  • Dynamic item use, including an incantation book, hand-drawn maps, and a herbology kit for brewing potions
  • Combat designed for minimal pause spamming and without cooldowns,
    instead focusing on pre-buffing, positioning and auto-triggering skills
  • An unmarked map filled with wilderness, cities, towers, temples, dungeons and caverns to explore.
  • Write your own journal notes for quests, puzzles and leads as you
    investigate. The game won't hold your hand or tell you what to do.
  • Huge variety of enemies and challenges, including monsters, rogue mages
    and mutilated outlaws, which all can have the same spells and skills you do

Whalenought Studios: You'll never pay for any updates or DLC for the Game.

The Free Expansion‌ "A Fool`s Banquet " picking up where the Story left off as the Moon Lord sails East..

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