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SessionBand Jazz 2 kostenlos im App Store (iOS)
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SessionBand Jazz 2 kostenlos im App Store (iOS)

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nach der Jazz-Session 3 ist heute auf der zweite Teil von SessionBand im App Store kostenlos statt 9,99€. Schauen wir mal ob morgen die nächste Session verschenkt wird Hier gehts zum Entwickler UK Music Apps Ltd
Auch hier stehen euch wieder 16.000 Jazz-Samples zur Verfügung.
Es gibt keine weiteren In-Apps oder Werbung.
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The world’s only chord-based loop app is the fastest way to create real studio quality Jazz
  • Simply pick one of 15 Jazz styles
  • Choose your chords
  • Watch them turn into pro-audio loops
  • Stretch or shorten loops in seconds
  • Build up a full track in minutes
  • Instantly hear your track across the other playing styles and tempos
  • Auto-transpose your entire track (not electronic pitch shift!)
  • Mix your track (manual or automated)
  • Adjust track tempo (+/- 15%)
  • Record direct to audio
  • Copy straight to other music apps
  • Share with the world!

Anyone can create professional Jazz tracks with SessionBand
  • No musical experience required
  • Simple, intuitive interface allows easy chord/loop selection and manipulation
  • Chord preview function allows you to audition the chord of the loop you are about to insert in your track
  • Copy and paste a full track in minutes
  • Highly educational and great fun

Create great sounding real Jazz tracks on the move
  • All loops reside within the downloaded app
  • No internet access required once the app is downloaded
  • Create studio-quality music absolutely anywhere!

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