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Skyworth F27G1Q 27" GAMING IPS-Monitor WQHD:2560x1440 165Hz 1ms HDR
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Skyworth F27G1Q 27" GAMING IPS-Monitor WQHD:2560x1440 165Hz 1ms HDR

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  • Brightness:350 cd/m2
  • Resolution: 2560x1440
  • Refresh rate: 165Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Color gamut: 85% NTSC
  • Color number: 1.07 billion

  • Weight:9.5KG
  • Product size (mm):613.4x460.0x305.5mm
  • Wall mount specifications:100x100mm
  • Whether to support wall hanging:Support wall hanging

  • Interface
  • 2*HDMI 2.0
  • 1*DP1.4 interface
  • 1*AUDIO interface
  • 1*AC IN power cord interface
  • 1*USB expansion/charging

Main feature:
  • Super clear images with clear details. 2K Ultra HD resolution, every corner of the scene can be real and delicate, the game world is extremely spectacular.

  • 21:9 wide panoramic view. The 21:9 format of the game interface is 30% wider than the average 16:9 screen player's field of view,especially in RTS and FPS games, the field of vision is extremely wide.

  • High brightness, high contrast and vivid image quality. 2560x1440p ultra-high resolution, using IPS hard screen technology, with 10-bit panel, can display 1.07 billion colors, the game screen from bright white to dark black, clear and beautiful, vivid and realistic.

  • 165Hz high refresh rate, quickly response speed, every action is faster. The high refresh rate of 165Hz and the response speed of 1MS effectively reduce the stagnation and smear of the game screen. Shooting games that require quick response are more likely to aim and accurately target enemies.

  • AMD Free-Sync, the picture is smooth, not stuck, not tearing. AMD Free-Sync technology can consistently match the screen display at high frame rate input, reducing problems such as stucking or tearing during game play, improving visual fluency and greatly enhancing player competitiveness.

  • Product Size 90 cm* 60 cm* 22 cm///Package Size:99 cm *47cm* 20 cm
  • Weight:8 KG

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