SlenderMan's Forest [iOS] Kostenlos

SlenderMan's Forest [iOS] Kostenlos

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eingestellt am 20. Apr 2013
Get the game for FREE during this whole week!

Some of our awesome features include:
NEW! RECORD AND SHARE YOUR GAMEPLAY! Show off to your friends how good you are!
NEW! Watch other players' gameplay and learn their secret strategies!
NEW! Day and Night mode Maps!
NEW! Different types of terrain!
NEW! Very responsive controls with layout options!
NEW! Flashlight control; Switch between Short, Long distances and Off!
Maps with different difficulties for those who think they can beat the Slenderman!

We'd like to thank our fans for the continuous support. We hope new players will love this as much as them.
Check out our awesome game!
Our fans say that our Original Map is THE CLOSEST YOU CAN GET TO THE COMPUTER VERSION!! Check out our NEW daylight Village Map!

Introducing SlenderMan's Forest
The most TERRIFYING SlenderMan experience on the App Store!

Collect all the pages to escape from the SlenderMan! Can you do it before the SlenderMan gets you?
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hm, wieso cold?


hm, wieso cold?

Liegt womöglich daran, dass Slender allgemein cold ist. Oder besser gesagt: Ausgelutscht.

Ist schon seit mehr als einer Woche gratis !


hm, wieso cold?

defintiv..auch the arrival war echt lahm
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